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good morning. we have developing fews a deadly police shooting in fremont. why officers say they were forced to open fire. we're live in oakland where a pickup truck plows into the middle of a fabric shop. we'll tell you what authorities believed sparked the accident. election day now just hours away. why 800,000 bay area voters will not show up at the polls. if you are kicking yourself
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saying i never got over the coast that is not true. today it will be very warm. good morning, to you. we're ready. it's monday november 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. >> friday would be an awful day for it. temperatures low to mid to upper 80s. we have high pressure and nice temperatures. 80s across the board. not just inland but the coast might be warmer. san francisco 85. which would be warmer than fairfield, livermore, and antioch. here is sal. intellect good morning. northbound 101 we have that fire that car fire and also a
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crash. watch out for slow traffic to have two lanes blocked there on northbound 101. if you want to come into san francisco use 280 instead. bay bridge already busy. it's busy early. i think a lot of people are used to getting up at a certain time. and they're at the bay bridge. the metering lights on and it's an early day. let's go back to the desk. starting with developing news now. fremont police are on the scene of a deadly police shooting. it happened at 11:00 last night on central avenue near glenmore drive. i want to take a live picture there of the scene. you can see the area still blocked off to traffic. officers were responding to a domestic violence call. after arriving police say officers saw a naked man chasing his wife with a knife. police say they told the man to drop the weapon but he refused. that is when two officers opened fire. police say the wife was unarmed but taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> we're very lucky that she was able to get away.
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it happened so quickly. and she was able to get out of that unit. officers arrived at the exact time and she was not injured further. >> police say the suspect was a 37-year-old man from san jose. the two officers involved are on routine administrative leave. coming up at 6:30 we'll take you live back to the scene. time is 6:03. overnight fire in pleasant hill damaged one business. that one there. police say this looks suspicious. it happened at a strip mall in contra costa boulevard. when fire crews got there they found the front window to a beauty salon smashed out and what appears to be a molotov cocktail inside. we are tracking a bizarre crash that happened overnight in oakland's new china town neighborhood. a teenage driver plowed into a fabric store. tara moriarty live on the scene now to she show us some of the damage and also what we know about what led up to the crash.
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tara. >> reporter: well, the teenager was picking up his dad across the street. you can see the gate there is. one is actually lying on the parking lot. he was trying to leave that parking lot and the gate started to open. then instead of stopping he slammed on the gas pedal and he ended up going several feet plowing into this store you see right here. this is a fab lick store -- fabric store. witnesses say around midnight it all happened. authorities believe that the boy again mistook the gas pedal for the break and sped forward and that's what caused him to smash into the shop. we're here near the corn ore of 12th avenue and 12th street. the truck hit a water line. crew to do turn off the water supply. they were also forced to cut off the power because there were electrical boxes above the scene of the crash. firefighters rolled the truck out of the store and it was later towed. no word yet on what caused the accident but officials say it does not appear that alcohol or drugs played a role.
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no estimate yet on the damage and we understand that no one was hurt in this incident. so very for the gnat. this is where the electrical boxes are right here. obviously crews very concerned about that. it looks like quite a bit of damage here. again we're not sure exactly how much it will cost to repair. live in oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. happening right now both president obama and mitt romney are making their way through the battleground states on their last day of campaigning before election tomorrow. this is a live picture out of sanford, florida where mitt romney has a first of series of rallies today. coming up at 6:15 where the candidates stand in the very latest polls. time now 6:05. east coast elected officials are hoping the super storm sandy won't keep voters from the polls despite all of the power outages back there. chris christie says voters will be able to cast traditional
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paper ballots. even in the polling stations that lost power. new jersey voters that have been displaced by the big storm they'll have an option of faxing and i mailing in their ballots. voters in some new york counties can get an extra day to vote if the turnout falls below 25% due to the storm. >> you're all going to vote old school. that's the way it is. you will vote paper ballot. it will take us longer to count but everyone will have their opportunity to vote. >> we've got to make sure everybody can vote. >> voters in new york city may have a really hard time casting a ballot. polling locations in all fife of the new york city burros have been relocated or combined as a result of that big storm. also new this morning a small earthquake hit a part of new jersey still recovering from super storm sandy. it was a magnitude 2.0 quake. it was centered in ringwood new jersey which is still dealing with down trees and power
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outages. it didn't cause any real damage some people did hear a loud boom. the last time the quake of that size hit new jersey was back in 2010. it is back to school, back to work for millions of people in the new york and new jersey area today. for the first time since that pig storm. could be really hard commuting into the city. many public transit routes still have no service and gas really hard to find. 80% of new york city subway system though has reopened. new york city mayor bloomberg said he will be joining thousands of commuters and he will ride the subway to work. muni will relive part of its history as it celebrates its 100 birthday. vintage streetcars, cable cars and trolley coaches will take to the streets. several vintage streetcars will return to service. some old muni buses and charlie coaches will be on display near market street and rail way
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museum. the festival lasts until sunday. all right our time is 6:07. let's check back with al sal. you've had a couple of problems pop up. how are we looking now? >> we are still looking pretty pad on 101. there is a car fire and a crash northbound 101 at candle stick. car ran into the back of a garbage truck there and there are minor injuries but it's a mess. the two lanes blocked there. northbound 101 is very slow getting into san francisco. i would use 280 instead if you can do it to get into the city. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza we started early this morning at 6:00 those metering lights went on. i think people well you know they got up early had an extra hour of sleep. got on the road early. but right now the traffic is busy. and if you're driving on northbound 280 in san jose that looks good. the silicon valley commute is off to a decent start. let's go to steve. all right, sal.
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mostly cheer skies. a little bit of patchy fog. everybody says sunshine and warm temps. possible records 88 is the forecast high in santa cruz today. although the record is 90. if you were here in 1976 you know that was an extreme dry air. cooling begins on wednesday. and then a big change will go from 80s to 50s by friday. i mean it's going to be one extreme to the other. today it's sunshine. now a little bit of patchy fog but a little easterly breeze will definitely keep the coast in the warm category. in fact they are already on the mild side for many. warmer weather today. level off tomorrow and then start that cooling trend. northeast there you go. fair feel at 7. most locations say calm. easterly breeze or offshore breeze. 47 fairfield. 48 santa rosa. 59 oakland. 59 also san francisco. napa was 48 last hour. now they are 54. little bit of patchy fog san
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jose. everything says sunshine and very warm temps today. probably carrying into tomorrow. warm weather, record highs possible. very warm over by the coast if you can get over toward santa cruz. i've seen forecasted highs of 90 degrees for them. i went 88. it will be close. 70s and 80s these would be records for santa rosa 85. san francisco is 85. oakland 83. those would all be records. half-moon bay 80 and in fact a lot of locations will be near flirting with record setting territory today. still warm to nice on tuesday. cooling begins on wednesday. much colder rain will drop in. this is more of a showery pattern but it will be a really cold pattern for all of us. it will clear out on the weekend but the mornings will be very chilly. 6:10 is the time right now. giants fans celebrating a world series win costing some businesses some big bucks. hear how much muni now has to pay after one of their buses was set on fire and why insurance won't pick up the tab.
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plus the extreme measures to rescue two children from a capsized boat in marin county.
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developing news in san francisco and the border of brisbane and san francisco. northbound 101 a car ran into the back of a garbage truck and burst into flames. northbound 101 down to one lane here own the bay shore freeway
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which is terrible news for the commute out of south san francisco. northbound 101 traffic backed up big time. it looks like they are making some progress. the injuries were not severe. there were injuries but the big mess is what happened when the car burst into flames. again northbound 101 just before candle stick park. it looks like the freeway is down to one lane. alternate route would be to use 380 to 280. 6:14 let's go back to the desk. all right, sal. in other news seven people including four kids were safe. they were rescued from a capsized boat in marin county. you see the rescuers use that saw to free two young kids. they were trapped for 90 minutes in that upside down boat. before that helicopter rescued more.
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none of them were wearing a life jacket. >> normally these type of incidents do not turn out as well as they did. >> the two children who were under water the longest amount of time were take ton the hospital. they are being treated for severe hyperthermia. one adult suffered minor injuries. still not clear why that boat flipped over but rescuers say it's possible six to eight foot swells were part of the problem. looks like muni will be making a big payment as a result of the vandalism caused by celebrating giants fans. according to the san francisco chronicle muni will have to pay $700,000 to replace a bus that was set on fire by giants fans after the team won the world series. turns out the san francisco insurance policy does not cover the torching of buses. it's a blow to the transportation agency that just pent $300,000 refurbishing buses last year. time now 6:15. both president obama and mitt
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romney making big plays today for the key battleground states on this the last day of campaigning in the 2012 race. ktvu alison burns reports both sides are claiming they are going to win. alison. >> reporter: both campaigns are expressing a lot of hope for victory. let's look at how this race is. a rasmussen poll out this morning shows mitt romney up by one. cnn poll out last night shows a tie. pew has obama up by three. politico has the president and mitt romney tied. nbc has obama up by one. the president appears to be holding on to a lead in ohio. a state that could make or break the election for him. both candidates will try to rally voters one last time in ohio today. along with a total of seven other states. >> if you're tired of being tired, not just tonight but all the time.
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[ laughter ] but i ask you to vote for real change. >> we have come too far to let our hearts grow weary. now is the time to keep pushing forward. >> reporter: and this is a live look at mitt romney's rally this morning in central florida. those polls show romney holding on to a lead. he has expanded his hopes of winning in swing states, pennsylvania and new hampshire. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. >> election day now just hours away, but more than 800,000 bay area voters won't be showing up at the polls. brian flores tells us they have traded in the ballot box for the mailbox. brian. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we are just one more day away until election day. arguably one of the more important elections in recent history. obviously we have the presidential election but we also have several key ballot measures that need to be taken care of as well. in terms of voter turnout,
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presidential elections usually bring out higher numbers of voters. one thing that is different this year is the amount of early voters and gone possibly could be the days of heading to the polls in droves. that is being reported as much as 800,000 bay area residents cast their ballots through the mail. state reports more than 18 million registered voters in california which is 940,000 more registered voters than the lax election. we spoke with the voters to see if they early voted. while others like going to the polls. take a listen. >> the old school route is last minute and so yeah i'm going to do the old school route and i will vote tuesday, tomorrow, and right after work. yeah. that's the way i always do it. i do it every year. >> we always vote by mail. it's easier. get it over with. then i don't have to listen to the hoopla that goes around the election. >> reporter: and some of the
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major key issues besides the presidential election that voters are concerned about concerns proposition 30 which is the temporary tax and proposition 32 which is the political contributions by poll pais roll deductions measure. coming up we'll talk to more voters to see what are driving them to the polls this election. live in san francisco i'm brian flores ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. don't forget you can follow the election results as they come in tomorrow right here on ktvu channel 2. also on our website and tomorrow night we're going to have an expanded 10:00 newscast. time now 6:19. let's check the commute. sal, you are busy and you have the chopper working too. >> that is right. that crash in san francisco on the border of brisbane northbound 101 car ran into the back of a garbage truck and burst into flames. it looks like the car is on a tow truck and the fire department is beginning to leave. they have opened up one more lane here on northbound 101. at one point it was down to one lane northbound 101 and you can see that the traffic is very
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slow on the bay shore freeway from as far back san francisco stretching as far back as san bruno. you might want to think about using 101 to 380 and then use 280 and of course people in daly city will be noticing a lot more people on their commute. this will have an impact as you can see news chopper 2 tilting up and showing us a big backup. let's move along and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. that is backed up. no major problems getting on to the bridge. we had an earlier tall staal on the bridge that made for -- earlier stall on the bay bridge. drive into the valley so far so good. let's go to steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> it's currently 62 at third and king. >> that is mild. >> that is very mild nor november. 60 in san francisco. financial district 63. and along the embarcadero 60
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degrees. it will be warm in the city. it will be warm everywhere on the coast. coast will have warmer temperatures than inland locations. some of these will be record setting temperatures today for santa rosa had 83 degrees four times. today i'm going 85. san francisco record is 80 i will go 85. oakland 77 going to 83. san rafael not a record. it will be close. record is 83 i'm going 82 today. san jose goes back to 1901 on that 82. we're going for tying a record high of 82. high pressure big time here. today and tomorrow. look at the temps 47 fairfield. 60 in san francisco. santa rosa 48. a little bit of patchy fog. antioch is 48. so if you commute in from antioch you are like man, it's nice here. it is. it will be very nice. to maybe even 90 degrees. so sunny and warm. record highs.
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a little breezy up in some of the higher elevations. just a wee bit of fog. i don't think that will last very long. 70s and 80s today. nice to warm on election day. a little cooler starts wednesday. big cool down starts thursday. rain moves in late. really it will be the cold highs from the 80s to the 50s. i don't want to be the bad guy anymore. >> the movie about video game villain wreck it ralph opened with stronger ticket sales. it brought in $49 million. the most for any walt disney animation debut. flight starring denzel washington had a better than expected opening. argo, the man with the iron fist, and taken 2 round out the top five. time now 6:22. silicon valley gets its own reality show tonight. why it will give an unusual
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look at the tech world and why some critics say they don't like it. and don't forget you can wake up with us ktvu every morning get the mornings top stories that developed while you were sleeping sent straight to your cell phone every weekday morning at 6:00 a.m.. you can get your ktvu morning wake up call by texting the world wakeup to 70123. you disgust me. prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out.
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welcome back. time now 6:25. reality tv about silicon valley debuts tonight on the bravo channel. it follows tech entrepreneurs trying to make it big. the creator is randy zuckerberg. it's not your typical take on life in the tech world. in fact, it's quite the opposite. and critics agree they say the cast is too white, too attractive, and too party prone. one of the cast members says the exposure alone is worth it. >> there are a lot of people in silicon valley would sigh they would never want to do a show like this. >> now there are eight episodes to watch to find out if any of the cast members actually get an idea off the ground. right now 6:26.
6:27 am
i want to check back in with sal for a look at traffic. couple issues. >> that is right. we have that issue on northbound 101, pam. also want to mention that the south bay is getting busy now. i want to show you that northbound 101 coming in from the peninsula is going to be effected by this. northbound 101 as you drive in fact that super is wrong. if we can get rid of that. northbound 101 on the peninsula coming up from south san francisco you are going to see a lot of slow traffic because of an earlier accident right near the candle stick park exit. news chopper 2 is showing us a peckture of a bunch of backed traffic here. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and that traffic is also backed up get into the city. now to steve. all right, sal. clear skies expect for a little bit of patchy fog. everything says sunny and warm today. in fact it's already in the 60s for much of san francisco. i mean from outer sunset all the way to the embarcadero.
6:28 am
that tells us it's going to be sunny and warm. clear skies and a little easterly breeze. a little stronger up in the higher elevations. a little warmer today. mainly record highs. look for 70s and 80s to near 90 pam in santa cruz. coming up on 6:30. up in flames and under investigation. why fire crews are calling an overnight fire suspicious. a naked man spotted outside a fremont housing complex is shot by police. we'll tell you why officer say they were forced to open fire.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. just ringing the opening bell there in new york this morning. and should be pretty quiet actually. because a lot of investors around the world in fact waiting for our u.s.
6:31 am
presidential election. so numbers were down overnight. a little bit this morning in europe as well. our futures look like a slightly lower opening. we'll probably be in a wait and see pattern. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's a monday, november 5th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> in the news right now we have developing news. police in fremont shot and killed a naked man who had a knife after responding to a domestic dispute. we've been following this story since 4:30 this morning. ktvu janine de la vega joining us live to tell us this is still a very active scene out there along central avenue. what is going on janine? >> reporter: police have been here for the past 7.5 hours and they tell me they expect to be here for a couple more. they are just about to open up the eastbound lanes here. these roads have been closed for a long time. the westbound lanes between central avenue and glenmore drive and logan will be closed.
6:32 am
they are in facing a confrontation between a naked man and his estranged wife. it all happened at the town home complex you see there where all the police cars are at. this incident ultimately ended in that man's death. at around 11:00 last night a woman called police to report her roommate was being attacked by her husband. when officers arrived, they saw a woman being chased by a naked man holding a knife. police ordered him to stop and drop his weapon. when he did not officers opened fire and shot him. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. it's unknown how many shots officers fired or where the man was hit. >> we had two officers that fired their weapons. one has approximately three years of service and the other has more than 20 years of service. >> reporter: both officers are on paid administrative leave. the suspect is a 37-year-old man from san jose. his wife was taken to the hospital. but we're being told she is okay and she is being
6:33 am
interviewed by police. investigators are also interviewing witnesses from the scene. now police are still trying to determine a motive in this case and trying to see if any alcohol or drugs played a part in this. right now you're looking at a live picture where the road is blocked off here at central avenue. this is just north of the mary exit. they are about to open the eastbound lanes but the westbound lanes will remain closed. reporting live from fremont janine de la vega. in overnight news a beauty salon in pleasant hill badly damaged after it went up in flames. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge joins us now from the area where it happened with more on why investigators are calling this fire suspicious. alex. >> reporter: this morning this is still a very active crime seen as arson investigator is out here trying to figure out
6:34 am
who set fire to this beauty salon. you might be able to see the investigator inside still collecting evidence. the fire is is pushous mainly because -- suspicious because the arriving crews found what appears to be a molotov cocktail. the beer bottle had a rag stuffed in the top and sitting on the ground right outside the salon. investigator here tells me he is trying to figure out if a similar device was used to start the fire. the front window of the place was already broken when the first fire crews got here this was around 11:30 last night. the alarm sounded inside the magic touch salon which is in a strip mall. the fire was fairly small along a wall inside the building. it was put out quickly and then an investigation was launched. the contra costa fire investigator has been here throughout the morning processing this scene and so far he has ruled out an accidental start.
6:35 am
>> sometimes we're able to eolipile fade. and they just leave us with one other finding. sometimes we do find direct evidence. >> reporter: the fire investigator will have debris samples from inside the salon tested to check for accelerants and also that molotov cocktail what appeared to be a molotov cocktail will be tested at a lab and checked for fingerprints as well. so far investigators have not been able to reach the owner of that salon. as we come back out here live, fire crews did a nice job last night containing the fire just to the saloon itself. none of the remaining businesses suffered any damages. no one was hurt. now arson investigators are still working here gathering evidence inside the salon trying to figure out who intentionally set fire to this business last fight. live this morning in pleasant hill alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. four people are dead.
6:36 am
seven people are in the hospital. follow sag head on crash south of sac south carolina. that happened at 4:00 yesterday afternoon on northbound interstate 5 near the elk grove boulevard exit. the chp says an suv heading south on the me carrying nine people lost control, crossed the center divide and hit a car heading north. the highway was shut down for several hours. the chp is now looking into what caused that crash. time now 6:36. both president obama and mitt romney making one final campaign push today before election day tomorrow. coming up at 6:45 we'll bring you a live report from chicago. that is where president obama will be tomorrow. watching the election results come in. california supreme court ordered an arizona group to reveal who is behind an $11 million contribution to two campaigns here in california. the arizona pack is funding campaigns against prop 30. that is governor brown's tax
6:37 am
increase proposal. and also for proposition 32 which would limit the ability of unions to raise money for political causes. california teachers are very busy. they are working phone banks across the state urging people to vote for prop 30 tomorrow and critics of prop 30 are working just as hard for a no vote. prop 30 wouldish crease income taxes on those making more than $250,000. it would also increase the sales tax a quarter cent. it needs more than 50% of the vote in order to pass. 6:37 is the time. let's check back in with sal. how is the commute? >> we are looking at the peninsula pam and dave because of that earlier problem. now clear by the way. but news chopper 2 is looking at a bunch of slow traffic getting in from south city to san francisco. it's backed up all the way down to san bruno now. northbound 101 now. it will get better because the lanes have been open. it was an earlier garbage truck
6:38 am
crash. northbound 101 right near the candle stick exit and the traffic is still recovering. i would still -- i still might think of using 380 to 280 to get into san francisco. but we are seeing some improvement here. let's go to the toll plaza westbound bay bridge. another live picture. traffic is backed up. we had an earlier stall on the bridge. san jose northbound 101 traffic looks okay. northbound 101 just north of 280 there is a crash there. 880 is getting slow southbound and i want to push us now a little bit to the livermore valley. i want to see what 580 looks like. it's a little slow this morning although there are no major problems. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. and very good morning. and here we go. darn it i just never made it over the coast. i ran out of time. today is your day. because this will be it. 80s to near 90-degrees possible by santa cruz. much of the coast already very mild to warm in san francisco. and even half-moon bay, daly city, pacifica, in the city temperature near 60 degrees
6:39 am
right now. it's going to be very nice inland. it will be very warm as you head over to the coast. record highs are deaf fitly likely over by the coast. santa rosa hit 83 four times the last time was 1980. i'm going 85 today. that might be closer to sonoma county airport than santa rosa proper. san francisco is 80. there already at 83. oakland downtown would also be a record high. san rafael no. it would be close. very close. san jose is 82. that would tie going back to 1901. there will be very impressive records set today and really warm temps. patchy fog not much. chilly to mild. sunshine and warmer for all. high pressure really flexes its muscles today and tomorrow very dynamic and cold system. 48 santa rosa. fairfield 47. 60 in san francisco. oakland 59. i mean it's 63 along embarcadero, south beach, all the way to china basin.
6:40 am
sunny and warm record highs. breezy up in the hills. already gusts to 25. 70s and 80s today. a record setting day with wall to wall unshine. that is not a typo. weather service is going 90. i can't argue with that it will be close. nice on tuesday to warm. big cool down on thursday. cold rain. 50s on highs by friday. weekend will clear out it will be okay but really cold in the morning. the east coast preparing for another big storm as the region is still recovering from sandy. the national weather service says a nor'easter could hit midweek causing more beach erosion, flooding, and rain. thousands of homes are still without power in new york city where temperatures are expected to drop into the 20s overfight. officials say the city may have to find temporary housing for as many as 40,000 people who's homes do not have heat.
6:41 am
eight california emergency management agency managers are heading east to help with storm relief. the agency says it is deploying experts from throughout the stay including from here in the bay area. they will be offering assistance in ah thorn, new york about 30 miles north of new york city. what governor brown is doing today in the final push for his prop 30. we are live in oakland where a son picking up his father from work makes a near fatal mistake. take a look at the damage here. what authorities believe led to this crash. good morning, westbound 237 we have some slow traffic. we'll let you know more about the morning commute and bay weather.
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good morning. clear skies. very mild for some. very cool for others. mild on the coast where temperatures today would be in record setting territories. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for your right now. police in fremont still at the scene of a fatal police shooting. police officers shot and killed a naked man who police say was chasing his wife with a knife. this happened at 11:00 last night on central avenue. the suspect identified only as a 37-year-old man from san
6:45 am
jose. no one else was hurt. overnight fire this one damaged a pleasant hill business and police say it looks suspicious. it happened at a beauty salon at a strip mall on contra costa boulevard. they also found what appeared to be a molotov cocktail inside that business. californians are voting in record numbers this year. not all though are going to the polls. they will be mailing in their ballots instead. more than 800,000 bay area residents are voting by mail in this election. less than 24 hours now until election day. republican presidential nominee mitt romney will watch the election returns come in tomorrow in boston. president obama will be in chicago. that is also where rene marsh is right now with the message that president obama is delivering. good morning, rene. >> reporter: that is right. good morning, pam. these are the final crucial hours before the voters go to the polls and i'll tell you the
6:46 am
president's campaign is in high gear. in about an hour and a half from now the president's -- bill clinton will be rallying a -- every hour counts for the president as he takes one last swing at the toss up states today and national polls show the race is closer than ever. it's a dead heat with less than 24 hours to go until election day. president obama knows every moment counts. sunday the president made stops in new hampshire, florida, ohio, and colorado. his message push forward. >> that is why i need you colorado. we have come too far to let our heart grow weary. now is the time to keep pushing forward to educate all of our kids. >> reporter: he has the edge in several swing states but mitt romney isn't backing down and making his final tour of the tossup emphasizing the
6:47 am
president's record. >> talk is cheap. but a record that is real. president promised a lot of change, but change can't be measured in speeches. has to be measured in achievements. >> reporter: some analysts say super storm sandy gives the president a boost leading into election day. but only voters have the final say whether we'll be seeing a repeat of 2008 in chicago tomorrow night. all right and in about two hours from now, the president has his first rally of the day in madison, wisconsin. from wisconsin he heads over to ohio where he will get star power support from jay z. in wisconsin he will be next to bruce springsteen and heads on over to iowa to wrap things up before heading right here to chicago. pam back to you. >> super star lineup. coming up in our next hour we will have live coverage of the mitt romney campaign as the race for the white house enters its critical final hours. it is a rule that has predicted 17 of the last 18
6:48 am
elections. coming up in about 11 minutes what the outcome of one football game could mean for the presidential race. time now 6:47. governor jerry brown will be in san francisco this afternoon making one last push for proposition 30. the governor will be joined by senator dianne feinstein, san francisco mayor ed lee and former san francisco mayor willie brown. they are all scheduled to be at a get out the vote rally. it will be along the embarcadero. new this morning a wild bizarre scene in oakland. a water line ruptured in the new china town neighborhood after an out of control car plowed into a fabric store. tara moriarty is there. you've been there since early this morning. you know more about what caused that crash, tara. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in front of the fabric store. you can see the damage that happened as a result of this accident. look at this busted pipe right here. you can see the force with
6:49 am
which the pickup truck smash into the store front. these are the electrical boxes up here. there are several of them. the electricity had to burned the off -- turned off as a result of the crash. all of this started across the street. you can see over there the gate lying in the parking lot and part of it obviously missing. witnesses say around midnight a teenager was picking his father up from work waiting to get out of that parking lot. the gate wasn't open all the way instead of hitting the brakes the teen hit the gas pedal. that caused him to lurch forward all the way across the street into the shop. >> i said mama. crazy. >> it scared me. >> reporter: can't get any
6:50 am
sleep. >> not well. >> reporter: now we're here on the corner near 12th avenue and 12th street. the truck hit a water line so crews had to turn off the water line and they were forced to cut the power because there were electrical boxes above the scene of the crash. firefighters rolled the truck out and it's right now in that parking lot. expected to be towed a little bit later. no word yet on what caused the accident but officials say that it does not appear that alcohol or drugs played a roll. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty. time is 6:50. the number of homicides in san jose has just tied the total for all of last year. bad news for the police department which is running short on police officers. coming unat 7:11 the reason it's going to be months before police officers get much needed help. 6:50 is the time. back over to sal for a look at the commute. sal. >> i think people are up early. 280 northbound we will show you
6:51 am
that right now. a little bit of slow traffic. i think people did use that extra hour and said you know what i've got to get to work early today. that won't last long if i know people. today it's going to that way. northbound 280, 101. westbound 580 livermore valley some slow traffic coming out of the tracy area. and it stays that way into the dublin area. also slowing in castro valley approaching 238 and 880 slowed at 238. that driving down to the 284 interchange. things are much better now. you can use 101 into the city. bay bridge toll plaza remains crowded. it's backed up all the way out to the foot of the mccarthur maze. about a 20 minute delay there. let's go to steve. sal. >> yes. >> 63. >> this is november right? >> last time i looked.
6:52 am
but by this time friday everybody is going to be in the 50s. so today is the day to get out enjoy unseasonally warm temperatures. we are going from this extreme to this extreme. sunny, warm. i shouldn't even say possible. there will be records today. cooling will begin on wednesday. thursday, friday a big change. a cold rain coming in. more of a cold showery pattern. temperatures will go from the 80s to the 50s. if you have a weather app on your phone and are like is that right? yes, it is. santa rosa hit 83 degrees four times. i just went with the last one which was 1980. forecast high today 85. san francisco should have no problem blowing through the record of 80 degrees today. 85 is the forecast high. oakland also 83 downtown. san rafael close. san jose though 82 last time on this date it was 1901. i remember it well. it was warm that day. it will be warm again today. we do have high pressure here.
6:53 am
a little easterly breeze. some of the higher elevations. it's an offshore component. extremely mild. temperatures already on the coast. a lot of low 60s and it won't take long. inland temps uppers. and patchy fog. we'll have temperatures in the 80s. upper 70s to low to mid 80s. half-moon bay 80 degrees. still warm to nice on tuesday. cooling wednesday. here comes that cold system dropping down on thursday into friday. weekend looks better but boy it will be cold in the morning. we want to take you live to new york this morning. big board shows the dow jones down about 32 points. 13,060. probably going to be pretty quiet ahead of the election results. keep an eye on apple stock today. i'm looking at it right now. it is up almost $6 a share. about a percent. it was down on friday though off 18% since its all-time high
6:54 am
of $705 last september. analysts say no single reason for the drop but some investigators may be concerned. thousands of grocery workers still on strike this morning. why these union members at raley's and nob hill is angry and why changes have to be made. we're checking in on the progress at the 49ers new stadium. the construction milestone crews will hit today.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
no signs of a bitter labor dispute between a super market chain and employees will be resolved any time soon. >> what do we want? contracts. when do we want it now? >> about 8,000 workers at raley's and nob hill stores strike. workers don't want a a cut in holiday pay and don't want a two year pay freeze but they need to stay competitive with nonunion grocery stores. new 49er stadium will have a different look by the time today's work is done. 2,000 concrete sections will go into place today and 7.5-ton section will be hoisted into place at the top of the tower of suits. 60% of the steel work is
6:58 am
already finished. if a redskins rule is to be believed mitt romney will win the election. washington red since have been 17-1 in predicting presidential election. the redskins rule says if the team wins their last home game before the election, the incumbent stays in office. if the team loses, so does the president. yesterday the redskins lost to the carolina panthers. let's quickly check in with sal. how is the toll plaza? >> it's crowded. it's backed up to the maze. coming up we'll look at 101 and the peninsula. let's go to steve. sal, sunny and warm. possible record highs today. maybe the warmest temps on the coast with 70s and 80s for many. coming up next on mornings on 2 overnight news we have been following since 4:30 this morning. a deadly officer involved shooting in fremont. we're following a new development. also an overnight fire at an east bay strip mall by why arson investigators are there. stay right here with us.
6:59 am
they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento

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